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Keep Working At Home By Becoming A Virtual Assistant [Get Your First Client]

by Kristen Smithy

You’ve accomplished your goal! Except for one thing: clients. You discovered a detailed guide online and followed it to the letter. Now your business is up and running, except for one thing: clients.


When you initially start out as a virtual assistant, it might be difficult to secure your first few clients. These first clients are extremely important to your success as a freelancer since they will provide you with the much-needed drive to continue working hard. It’s time to start promoting your virtual assistance services package(s) once you’ve completed them and are ready to sell them to clients or on the open market.


Here are some of the most effective methods for marketing your virtual assistance business and attracting new clients.

1. Content Marketing To Get Sales Leads

The correct prospects must be attracted to your website in order for your virtual assistant business to flourish and expand. In order to accomplish so, you must customise your content strategy such that it may be discovered by them.

Make use of the power of search engine optimisation and content marketing to bring prospects to your company’s website. In other words, you should create compelling content around keywords such as

  • Hiring a VA
  • How to scale your online business
  • Virtual assistants for (your niche)
  • Things to consider when hiring a VA
  • How virtual assistants can help small business owners to scale
  • Working with a virtual assistant
  • Where to find a virtual assistant
  • Tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant
  • Why you need a VA etc.

You should also make certain that your content is professionally written and edited before sharing it on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. In this way, careless errors will be avoided, which can be annoying while trying to read an article that contains numerous grammatical problems. You don’t want potential customers abandoning their shopping carts because they believe the reading experience is too difficult because of poor language.

2. Go To Where Potential Client Will Be

Perhaps the quickest and most straightforward method of finding your first few clients is to look for employment on freelance markets.


Upwork is a treasure of opportunities. Clients submit jobs, and freelancers compete for the opportunity to work on them. There are numerous categories, so you want to limit jobs to only show you those that fall under the virtual assistant category, or better still, search for a specific keyword that you know will work. If you assist clients with WordPress, you may consider offering services such as “WordPress maintenance,” “Website management,” and so on. Now, you may advertise your services as Catalogs, allowing clients to purchase them directly from you without the need to publish a post offer first.

Job boards: Freelance and virtual help job sites are excellent places to uncover amazing virtual assistance opportunities. The VAInsiders and Flexjobs websites are two of the many possibilities available. Some are completely free, while others ask you to pay a monthly fee. After you’ve identified a position that you’re interested in, write a job description that is specifically customised to your target audience. In order to demonstrate the value that you can add as a virtual assistant, direct them to a website where they can view examples of your work or read testimonials.


3. Obtain high-quality links to direct traffic to your virtual assistant website.

Your ultimate goal is to have clients come to you rather than having to go out and find them on your own. In order to realise this goal, you must be easily discoverable on Google for high-volume, ready-to-buy keywords. Quality backlinks from reliable websites are required in order to rank for these keywords. When it comes to establishing links, there are a variety of approaches that can be used. However, there are two approaches that I personally recommend:

Guest posting is likely the most straightforward, but it is also the most time-consuming method of obtaining high-quality links. You must first locate the most popular blogs that accept guest posts, then research topics that are relevant to their readership but also make sense for your virtual help business, and then pitch these ideas to the blogs in question. Once you’ve been given the green light, you can start working on developing outstanding content. Keep in mind that everything on the internet is based on empathy. Create something that is worthy of someone else’s time and attention. It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing, but that should be your goal regardless of whether you are writing for people or producing content for your personal blog. Include a natural link to one or two of your previous entries within the body of the piece.



For example, you might write a guest post on How to Become a Virtual Assistant and include a link to your article on 7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Virtual Assistant (which you wrote).


You can include a hyperlink to your website or service page in your author bio.


Respond to Haro Queries: Help a Reporter, Haro, is a fantastic tool that you can use to earn high-quality backlinks that can help you increase your Domain Authority by a significant margin. Because the majority of reporters work for large publications, you will have an easier time obtaining a link from large websites where you would have a difficult time pitching guest pieces. All that is required of you is to respond to questions that are relevant to your company. For example, questions about the difficulties of working from home as a mother, obtaining clients online, and so on.


4. Double down on Local SEO

When compared to global search, which might take years to achieve dominance in local searches may not be as competitive, especially for new Vas. Make a start by setting up and maintaining your Google My Business page, as well as placing your company in all relevant local directories. Make sure that all of your listing information is accurate and consistent throughout the internet. Create specialised pages for local search queries, such as “Virtual Assistant in Boston,” and then link to them from your homepage. When working with clients that demand direct collaboration with them, such as webinar support, some clients prefer virtual assistants who are available during their time zone’s business hours. So take advantage of this situation.

5. Focus on One Social Platform

Even if it’s tempting to want to be everywhere at once, you simply don’t have the manpower to do so, at least when you’re just getting started. Spreading yourself too thin can only have a negative impact on the quality of your interactions and, thus, on your growth. Instead, choose one social media channel that you know your prospective clientele are active on and make a name for yourself on that platform. And not just the platform as a whole, but rather the aspects of the platform that allow you to expand your reach and visibility.

To show you what I mean, here are examples:

  • Facebook groups: Identify 2-3 best VA groups that bring together both Vas and business owners. You’ll continue learning and sharing tips and even land clients occasionally.
  • Facebook groups: Identify 2-5 groups that bring together your ideal customers. For example, Small Business owners, SaaS Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Coaches, Digital Products Entrepreneurs. This will be determined by the clientele that you serve
  • LinkedIn profile: Grow a following by posting content that help solopreneurs and small business owners to accomplish more while doing less. Engage with the community that you want to appeal to without really selling.

As a result, if you go with Facebook, you have the option of using Groups or Pages. Don’t try to do everything at once. Find the one that works best for you and expand it like a crazy person. By now, you should be aware that Pages are no longer the darlings of Facebook, and that you will require a large number of followers before you begin to see any activity. As a result, Facebook groups are your best bet. And not 101 groups, because you will never be able to participate in all of them. Here is where you should look for quality.

For LinkedIn, the same may be said. Is it better for you to focus your efforts on expanding your personal profile or on growing your corporate page right now? If you have a committed team, you will be able to do both; if not, you will be able to gain clients far more quickly by developing a personal brand online.

6. Start Narrow and Expand as You Grow

Don’t try to juggle everything. Believe me when I say that’s the quickest way to crush and burn. Start with a certain niche and stick with it as long as you can until you have the resources to branch out into other services. Choose one area, one clientele, and one industry where you believe you can provide the most value with the talents you already possess.


Consider the following scenario: you want to work as a virtual assistant and provide WordPress maintenance services, but you also believe you could handle the content management side of blogging. Before you dive in headfirst, take a moment to evaluate your abilities and the amount of work that each position will demand. WordPress maintenance will necessitate the correction of errors, the uploading of previously produced content, the making of design modifications, as well as the updating of themes and plugins. The majority of these tasks may be streamlined to save time.


Incorporating blog management into your operation expands the scope of your business due to the fact that you will be spending more time researching and developing material on a regular basis. On the surface, these two services may appear to be comparable, and it may seem logical to bundle them together; yet, their dynamics are essentially worlds distinct.

7. Create Engaging Marketing Assets

Create and make use of your marketing assets. As a virtual assistant, you must post on social media on a frequent basis to be effective. Ideally, the content should be a combination of informative and promotional materials. Make advantage of images to convey your message. You can use a service like Canva to design a variety of graphics for usage across a variety of platforms, ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout all of them.

8. Help other virtual assistants.

However, while the tactics I’ve mentioned in this article are intended to help you reach your potential clients, you can really land quality clients by simply assisting other Virtual assistants in their businesses. Kindness, as we understand it, has a cascading impact. The most effective strategy to support other virtual assistants is to establish a community of Vas and promote a sense of belonging among its members. Make everyone feel welcome and truly interested in seeing them succeed in their endeavours. You can do the following in a community like a Facebook group:

  • Encourage people to share their productivity hacks, wins and challenges
  • Share the strategies that help you get clients and how you go about each
  • Share your story, personal wins, and losses
  • Do live calls where you get to interact with your group members, and answer their questions as they ask them

Clearly, running a successful Facebook group is a full-time job in and of itself, so you should consider the larger picture before implementing this method. Aside from assisting Vas in gaining clients, you are also cultivating a network of brand ambassadors who will be more likely to purchase your digital products because you have demonstrated to them that you not only know your stuff, but that you put your heart and soul into whatever you do, whether it is free or for a fee.


Another way that you may assist VAs is to develop a blog that is focused on the subject of Virtual Assistance. While you are writing content on your portfolio website with the goal of attracting clients, this new blog will be largely focused on becoming a virtual assistant, running a virtual assistant business, and finding clients over the internet. As a result, the more you can keep them apart, the better.


While you’re at it, you can even create a VA forum for a certain niche if you want to go the extra mile. Just keep in mind that the more channels you have, the more work you will accumulate and the less time you will have to spend actually working with clients. One of the primary reasons you established your Virtual assistance business was to earn money so that you could support your family and pursue your other ambitions. You should check in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure that you’re still on the right track.


After a while, as your community grows, some of the members may be there just to discover freelancing opportunities, whereas former freelancers may have had significant growth in their businesses and would thus seek to hire from the group. You may also be able to form relationships with other entrepreneurs, which can have a significant impact on your virtual assistant business.

9. Talk Clients into Your LinkedIn Inbox Simply by Being Awesomely Generous.

As a lead generation powerhouse, LinkedIn is beneficial to both established firms and solopreneurs such as yourself. If LinkedIn is a source of frustration for you, it is most likely because you are approaching it as if it were just another social media platform. It isn’t the case. Your target audience consists of educated professionals who value information that is difficult to get by, as well as honesty and vulnerability.


There is just one term for it. Be true to yourself. The effectiveness of LinkedIn groups is not on par with that of Facebook groups, but your profile is ten times better. The idea here is to cultivate a following of people who are truly interested in what you have to say. Due to the fact that you are a virtual assistant, you want to attract prospects who are compatible with your Ideal Customer Profile.


You must first check that your profile is not working against you before proceeding with any action. Take the effort to improve the quality of your LinkedIn profile. Visitors to your profile will glance over your profile description and determine on the spot whether or not they want to work with you in the future. While you want to make sure that keywords such as Virtual Assistant exist in your bio, you also want to write material that speaks to the heart and soul of individuals who are reading it.


It is acceptable if you are not a skilled copywriter. However, you should not use this as an excuse to produce shoddy content. What I would recommend is that you identify some of the Virtual Assistants who are doing exceptionally well on LinkedIn and thoroughly examine their accounts. Take a look at how they’ve written their copy. To take it to the next level, broaden your search to include other types of freelancers, such as Freelance writers and copywriters, who are actively seeking clients through LinkedIn. Find out what makes them tick and why their material is so remarkable by contacting them. This 2–3-hour in-depth research will not only assist you in perfecting your description, but it will also provide you with an overview of how others are growing their networks on social media sites like LinkedIn.


The third point I would make is to think about how you might use content to establish a following, specifically targeted following, rather than relying solely on sending and accepting connection invitations. Make use of content to serve your prospects as well as other virtual assistants in your network. As a result, a mixture of how to employ assistants and how to become a virtual assistant types of content is required here. However, it is more crucial to include your own voice, your own standpoint, your own story, and your own positioning.



The next thing you’d like to do is Make use of LinkedIn to produce high-quality leads for your virtual assistant business. I recommend that you start by looking at successful Vas on the platform and examining their profiles to see what they are doing differently than others. Make sure to build a company profile for your virtual assistant business as well if you operate one of these.


Your content and profile should persuade prospects who are not even prepared to hire a virtual assistant to initiate a conversation with you, which may result in a sale down the road if you are successful.

10. Revamp Your Website

Despite the fact that we’ve been talking about driving prospects to your website, this won’t mean anything if your website is poorly designed with stuff scattered throughout. When creating a website for your virtual help firm, stick to a simple and straightforward layout. Only present what is really necessary, and make navigation as straightforward as simple as possible.

It is also necessary for your branding to be seen. Make a decision on your brand colours and be consistent in your use of them.


Your copy is critical to your success. Don’t just go with the flow. Work on your text for a long period of time until you find an angle that appeals to the heart and soul of your target audience One advantage of using virtual assistants is that you may identify virtual assistants that have excellent portfolio websites and examine their writing style. You can then use this as an example to get ideas for your own work.



The truth is that getting clients for your virtual help business isn’t as difficult as it would appear at first glance, but it does necessitate a total adjustment in your thinking about how you approach the world of freelancing. It has its ups and downs, as I like to say.

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