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Dermapen Skin Needling Treatment ~ Is It Right For You?

by Kristen Smithy

There are several skin treatments available that claim to improve the complexion. Face needling, specifically Dermapen Skin Needling, is one of the hottest trends in facial treatments right now. It’s been hailed as one of the finest anti-aging drugs on the market. Aside from that, it is said to normally rejuvenate and enhance the protection of the skin (more on that in a bit). So, how well does it work?



Dermapen is a no-downtime skin micro-needling therapy that encourages scarless healing and natural collagen formation in the skin to enhance the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmentation, and to rejuvenate the skin.  A Dermapen has 12 needles on the very tip, which are used to puncture the top layer of skin as the Dermapen glides through the region being handled. When the Dermapen is turned on, a motor inside the pen begins to drive the needles quickly back and forth on the skin surface, causing punctures, and these needles have been designed in such a manner that they can spin slightly. These punctures made during the procedure are normally only intended to expose the pores for a short period of time.   Dermapen is a trademark brand name for a microneedling device.  A dermapen is a portable gadget intended to solve many of the problems associated with a conventional derma roller, which is basically a wheel coated in microneedles.  The dermapen has adjustable depth such that the therapy does not go too far in vulnerable places, as well as surgical grade sterile needles for a patient’s protection.




A dermapen acts by puncturing the skin with a spring-loaded automated function. The dermapen moves up and down through the skin, puncturing small holes as it passes. The process within the dermapen stimulates healthy collagen and creates tiny punctures in the skin to enable nutrients to be absorbed into the skin’s deep layers. Since the dermapen procedure is fast, it does not harm the skin’s dermal layers.  When a human injures themselves, the skin will usually begin skin repair by inducing growth factors, which will contribute to the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, when the punctures are made with the Dermapen, the skin treats them as wounds and initiates healing. This ensures that micro-needling causes the skin to create collagen and elastin in order to stimulate ‘healing,’ with the result being freshly rejuvenated skin.



A Dermapen skin needling treatment is an excellent way to eliminate acne scarring and skin imperfections. The greatest advantage is the difference in natural skin color and texture that occurs during the procedure, as well as the decreased presence of pores in the skin, superficial lines, and stretch marks.  In general, Dermapen has shown to be more efficient and cost-effective than other skin-treatment procedures. This has ensured that its reputation grows by the day.



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Microneedling is commonly used on the face to target:

  • Scars from acne
  • Age spots and sun spots
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Open pores
  • Scars
  • Stretchmarks
  • Skin elasticity
  • Face discoloration
  • Hairloss



Using a Dermapen has also been shown to be one of the most powerful strategies for treating hair loss.  Dermapen for hair loss is a multi-purpose procedure that entails the use of small needles to create tiny puncture wounds in the scalp in order to reactivate dead follicles, resulting in hair formation.  Dermapen has shown immeasurable effects for countless people suffering from hair loss.  The total process time varies depending on the size of the treatment area, but it is usually less than 10 minutes.


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