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The Most Common Styles Of Tattoo

by Kristen Smithy

There are literally thousands of tattoo styles available right now, with inventive artists creating new ones on a daily basis. Many of those styles, though, are built on historically used tattoo styles, many of which are decades or even centuries old.

Before getting into tattoo design, you should be comfortable with the following twelve modern tattoo art styles. If you’re looking for the perfect tattoo style, you may not be able to communicate in the same language, but you’ll most definitely have one of these in mind. It may be daunting to decide exactly what you want your fantasy tattoo to look like, but we hope the templates below can assist you in narrowing it down.


Traditional Style

Traditional tattoos are distinguished by their bold designs, vivid colors, and classic patterns such as flowers, anchors, and beautiful lady heads. It is often referred to as an old school tattoo style, an American traditional tattoo style, a contemporary tattoo style, or a Western traditional tattoo style. Traditional tattooing is one of the most well-known and respected aesthetics in the tattoo community, with heavy hitters such as Sailor Jerry, Don Ed Hardy, Bert Grimm, and Lyle Tuttle. They’re beautiful from the start, mature beautifully, and have a rich tattoo background. None in this category is a bad choice!



Portraiture, a branch of the realism genre that consists of exactly what it sounds like, realistic renderings of imagery, shows how realistic tattoos can be.  Artists will create eerily realistic portraits of individuals in colour, black and grey scale and without the black outlines seen in some of the more traditional styles.


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Japanese and Oriental

Japanese culture has had a global impact on Japanese/Oriental art. You may express your thanks with your Irezumi tattoo. Legendary animals, lotus flowers, and Japanese lettering come together to form the ideal ode to Eastern culture. These images are perfect for one-of-a-kind designs, sleeves, and full-body tattoos.



It’s as plain as that. Brief and to the mark. It has a low key feel to it. All of these elements are present in a minimalist tattoo. Minimalist tattoos forego the complex designs seen in other forms of tattoos in favour of a simple word or small example. Onlookers can not often comprehend the importance of symbols that are also meaningful to the wearer. This is a great way to express yourself without drawing any attention to yourself.



Geometric tattoos are very common right now, and when done properly, they can be very timeless. They can include only geometric elements or a combination of geometric and organic elements, as well as floral or natural elements. The contrast between the tattoo style’s precise, sharp lines and the body’s curves makes them stand out in a bold way.


New Age

To make new school tattoo work, blend old-school images with graffiti stylization. The final product of this technique is similar to the neo-traditional style, with bright, colorful images and dark, black borders, although there are minor differences. Image material has a more contemporary feel to it, but it also has an older feel to it.



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Black and Grey

Black and grey tattoo patterns are perfect because you want your artwork to speak for itself. Even if the body art is strongly shaded and unobtrusive, it can have an effect. Look at the design above; even with no color loss, this piece is absolutely breathtaking.


Lettering and Scripture

Make the case with a tattoo of your favourite quote or passage that includes custom lettering. Use your favorite font or create your own! To create a one-of-a-kind tattoo, combine the lettered pattern with another motif.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s block, script, or gothic; if it can be printed, it can be transferred to your skin.


Removing a tattoo you know longer love

The dye for the tattoo is added to the dermis. The ink drops are not ingested by the body in these lower layers of the skin. The ink becomes irreversible as a result of this. Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink shades with a high-intensity laser ray. Laser tattoo removal is usually associated with a degree of discomfort. Having said that, some people say it hurts less than they anticipated. Tattoo removal is often thought to be unpleasant, but most patients say that the discomfort is similar to having a tattoo added. Typically, 6-10 procedures are used to remove or fade a tattoo. This can differ depending on a variety of factors, including the individual’s health, the type of tattoo, the amount of ink, and the colour.




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